october, 2020

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Event Details

Asentiv New York is delighted to partner with Ellen Cosgrove from Dinner & Dialogue, combining our two favorite things – good food & great connections.

Ellen Cosgrove has been hosting highly successful Dinner & Dialogue events for the last year. Fortunately for us, she’s translated her amazing in-person gatherings into the Virtual world.

Every dinner event has a theme. This Virtual Gathering will be focused on Strength and how we connect to it through food


What to expect

With an intimate group of people who share a love of good food & great conversation, Ellen will guide us as we talk about how food and strength interact for us, what place each holds in relation to the other, and more deeply what strength means to us as a whole.

Join the call with a favorite food or drink that connects you with Strength, be prepared to share your thoughts and enjoy the journey as we see where the conversation ends up.


Why Strength as a Theme?

This is what Ellen told us:

“Being tall has its benefits – I can reach high things, see over a crowd and when I was in middle school – beat all the boys in sports. Though this did not get me many dates, it did give me social currency and an assurance that I was more than equal to my male classmates. Clearly my physical dominance did not last too long (I stopped growing at 15). But in a society where physical strength is glorified, part of me struggled with how I would prove my worth if being physically stronger than men was not an option.

Though simplistic, my assumptions as a kid speak to the realities of our society. We idolize professional athletes, consume movies where heroes shoot the “bad guys” and justify many acts of violence through the lens of protecting our freedom. This kind of strength is powerful but it is also incredibly destructive. Violence is the language of those who are desperate and feel powerless. When we meet it with more destruction, we only fuel the fire of retaliation with no way to calm the flames.

With the recent passing of Ruth Bader Ginsberg and John Lewis, we are reminded of those who possess a different kind of strength. One of moral fortitude, resilience, humility, grit and incredible thoughtfulness. Though we are in mourning, we could give up and despair or reach down deep and find the strength we know we possess to carry on.

In order to regain our strength, though, we are going to need to eat well. It is time to turn to the food that you know nurtures your body the most. I think of hearty leafy greens, rich stews, sustaining bean and rice dishes and thick juicy steaks. And though I admire how serious you are taking the state of the world, we must also celebrate our small wins. So break out your grandma’s chocolate cake recipe, enjoy a strong IPA on your porch in the sun and share a socially distanced old fashioned with a neighbor. Life is simply too short to not. Just please have the strength to say no to seconds.

We are all going through a lot at this moment and are naturally feeling depleted. We must take care of ourselves and cultivate our strength so that we can act in a way that we can be proud of, instead of getting caught up in the reactivity of fear and cowardice. So take a seat at the table and could you please pass the brownies?”


How to Book

Spaces are limited to 12. First come, first served.

Register below & you’ll be sent a Zoom link on the day of the event


More About Ellen

Ellen is an expert in community-building, facilitation and convening. She has a background in peacebuilding, advertising, non-profit management and eating delicious food. After working in Belfast, Northern Ireland doing peacebuilding work with PeacePlayers International, she went to Brandeis University to get her Master’s in Coexistence and Conflict. Going to school with practitioners from around the world, she was struck by how potluck dinners created space for connection and relationship-building.

After working for various non-profits after school, Ellen decided to start her own project called Dinner & Dialogue. Using themes to connect food, life and society, Ellen has created a model that uses food to bring people together to listen and have meaningful conversations. She is passionate about creating spaces for people to see the humanity in others and believes that through interventions such as this we can break down the divisions in our communities.

Ellen is now working to bring this model to workplace communities and to help organizations cultivate community wellness and resilience. In addition, she runs food based workshops for non-profits and community based programming. She is currently running virtual events in an effort to create space for people to come together and build community at this time of crisis.

Ellen Cosgrove, MA
Founder and Facilitator
Dinner & Dialogue



(Thursday) 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm ET


Online - Virtual Event

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