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Ignite Your Business is our flagship program. It’s the one that will get you buzzing and bring a spark into your business (and maybe even your life as well!)

We are running the Fall 2018 series specifically for women business owners and entrepreneurs.



Delivered as a 12-session series over 6 months, Ignite Your Business takes a deep dive through all aspects of a business – vision & mission, target market, image, networks and networking, and the sales & referrals process.

We look at how we can network most effectively to bring in the clients we really want to work with and are most profitable. We’ll explore how to build a strong community of people around us that can provide each other with a consistent pipeline of the business – not just any business, the right business!

During the program, there are opportunities to include your relationship partners to build an even stronger bond between you.

At the end of it all, you’ll come out with a living, breathing plan that captures all you’ve learned, focuses you on the priorities for your business and sets your future direction. It puts you in the driving seat of how to use your time most productively and build a solid, reliable and effective network for you and your business.



Additional Bonus

At Asentiv we firmly believe that relationships are at the core of how successful we can be in business – and in life.

All participants on the Ignite Your Business program will receive a FREE Platinum Rule® assessment – a 29-page personal behavioral style report, which will equip you to better identify, engage and nurture those important relationships.

The assessment (normal price – $250) allows us to become more adaptable and influential.

Included with the assessment is a one hour 1-2-1 coaching session to make sure you get maximum value from the report.



Places are limited. Programs run as group sessions in an intimate group of business owners, who are committed to investing in themselves and taking their business to the next level and want to do so without sacrificing their lives.

Together we build a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who have a lasting bond and are always there to support, challenge and drive us all to greater results – with a bit of fun along the way as well!

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Ignite your Business: Session 9 – what to expect

We could attend networking events morning, noon and night. But how much value do we get from many of them? We’ll take a clinical look at our current activity and our Return on Investment ($ and time) to enable us to focus on those that give us the most benefit. Becoming the ‘go-to’ at the right events and groups will raise credibility and saving time, producing a much higher ROI than is often the case.



What previous clients have said about Ignite your Business

The Asentiv program is powerful. I always thought I needed to grow my network to grow my business. My biggest takeaway so far is that my current network is already pretty powerful and focusing on those people and deepening my relationships with them will actually lead to more business. I’m halfway thru the program now and have already seen old relationships deliver new business. Graham is an excellent coach. His insights and feedback are vital to anyone who is looking to take their business to another level.
Alex Mahgoub, Real Estate broker 

Since being on Asentiv, there has been a massive change in my business. We’ve taken on 50 new clients, 9 this month alone. Our big problem at the moment is that the business is becoming really successful! It’s a nice problem to have to be honest, and we’re confident that Asentiv will help with the other challenges being so successful brings.
What I like about Asentiv is that you’re always asking the questions and revising as the business develops.
Zoe Devenport, CPA

The Asentiv Program gave me confidence to reach out to people who I wouldn’t have done before. I’m making refreshing relationships. I can now take a relationship that is at a low level and make it so much better. Out of over 100 partners, I was nominated as Franchisee of the Year.
Helen Williams, Virtual PA




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