Being a Business Owner can be lonely at times

Tough decisions & uncertain choices feel 10x harder when we make them alone

Not sure where to turn for solutions? 

Do you keep second guessing yourself?

How do you know if an idea is any good?

It doesn't have to be that way.

You don't need to be on your own.

Joining a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, allows you to

Get new insights & fresh perspectives on your business

Learn from others who've been there before

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Find support - moral as well as practical!

Problem solve with people who know what you're going through

Share your business dilemmas safely in confidence

Stay on track with your goals

Asentiv New York's Mastermind groups are designed for people who want to find new and fresh ideas about how to drive their business forward and have the support of their own trust board of advisers around them while they're doing it. 

Groups are completely confidential, curated to bring like-minded people together and absolutely focused on collective problem solving, idea generation, feedback & accountability.  

Mastermind Group members create long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships at the same time as achieving great results for their business - and feeling less on their own in the process.

Get Ahead with Asentiv Mastermind Groups

Monthly sessions - confidential discussions - powerful insights

  • Communities of peers in small group settings 
  • Dedicated 'Hot Seat' time for all Members at each session 
  • Facilitated collective problem solving & idea generation
  • Focus on accountability to keep Members on track with their goals
  • Special interest groups also available

Membership from $150/month

Working With Us

Just some of the results our Mastermind clients have achieved:

  • Taken a business idea from concept to revenue generating
  • Found the confidence to strike out as a freelancer, ask for their value and create a steady income
  • Launched new wholesale & e-commerce channels
  • Strengthened the team to allow more time away from the business
  • Refocused marketing activities and increased sales
  • Tackled tricky staffing issues to improve productivity

We don’t do boring or mundane. Our sessions are relevant, lively and to the point – but always with a bit of fun thrown in for good measure.

At the same time, we’re honest and practical. We take a real pride in giving value each and every time we deliver, making sure what we cover has been proven to work and gets results.

Our Approach

  • is practical
  • encourages curious minds
  • involves you – not just sitting and listening
  • is appropriately challenging
  • connects you with great people
  • is straight talking
  • demonstrates just how much we care about your talent and your potential
  • makes sure the learning sticks

What Others Say

I get to connect with other entrepreneurs whose opportunities & challenges are similar & relatable. It’s really helped me find focus & scale my business
I routinely come away with insights the propel me forward in my business. Each session is thoughtfully structured and rich in content, practical – and also fun!
Being part of the group has benefited my business tremendously and has been indispensable to its success. The way the group runs engages every single one of us & brings value to everyone
I am constantly inspired & encouraged to reach outside my comfort zone. The support I've had has really pushed me forward.
The session was excellent and insightful. It made me think differently about working with others. 
The accountability I get being part of the group has been invaluable – it keeps me on track, pushes me forward and makes me much more likely to get the things done that help me achieve my goals than I would otherwise be

Try one out for size

Mastermind Groups aren't for everyone. So much depends on the chemistry in the room and whether participants connect with each other.
That's why we always offer the  first session at no charge. 

Come along and decide if it's for you.

Mastermind Group
(am & pm sessions available)

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Special Interest Group:              - Product Makers 
- Health & Wellbeing (new)

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