Asentiv Pro 3 Months Program


Our customers are passionate entrepreneurs who want to work on themselves and their companies.

How to use your contacts optimally and how to establish, expand or identify multipliers, strategic partners, and future contacts for a successful business, is part of our Asentiv Pro program.



We accompany committed entrepreneurs so that they manage to grow their business to its true size and achieve their goals while being free to enjoy other aspects of life.

You book the Asentiv Pro program for 12 weeks and receive the following during this time:

  • Asentiv Insight (at least 10 times a year). You will receive 1 ticket
  • Asentiv Pro Modules 1-6, rotating online (weekly)
  • Access to the Asentiv Academy
*Note: The acquisition of the services offered is associated with considerable entrepreneurial risks and can lead to the complete loss of the capital employed. The prospective yield (profit) is not guaranteed and may also be lower. It is a B2B contract without a right of withdrawal.